Our mission is to use human-centered technology to protect and enrich our communities.

We do this by partnering with leading government contractors, federal agencies, and non-government organizations to utilize a broad range of services designed to create environments decision makers can use to better serve the public.

Every service we provide and every decision we make is informed by our core belief that we are better when we feel healthy, confident, and connected. We carry this through all elements of our culture and ensure our employees are equipped with the tools they need to create our most impactful outcomes.

Our Story

You may have noticed we’re about more than just staffing contracts. In an industry that often feels transactional, prioritizing people as commodities rather than humans, we knew a modern approach was needed to restore the sense of purpose we should all feel with our work.

Life is about discovery — discovery of ourselves, discovery of others. A journey of becoming. We wanted a warm environment our employees could use to grow and deliver the best version of themselves in the services we provide. So in 2018, we launched Bitwise with a mission to use the concept of human-centered technology as a way to improve ourselves and our shared communities.

Today, Bitwise is bringing that philosophy to all elements of our work, from our support of our customers’ complex mission problems, to our community outreach, to our internal education and mentorship programs.

Bitwise is a human-centric technology company

We are a digital services company that uses mission-focused technology transformations to streamline governance decisions, surface critical insights into information, and better support communities around the world.

Our capabilities

Our Core Values

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The work I'm doing now is pushing the threshold, which I think for a lot of developers is really where you want to be. It's definitely more fulfilling.”


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We’re about more than just staffing contracts.
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