Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

Connecting Employees to Impact

Allison Powell

Bitwise Staff

March 3, 2022

Can I start us off with a fun fact? The average American will spend a third of their lifetime at work. That’s over 10 whole years – 90,000 hours for you math whizzes. And while breaking this news might seem a little melodramatic, I think we can all agree that being at work, whether physically or virtually, had better be something we want to do. There’s too much time at stake.

Having fun yet? 🥳

Today, on Employee Appreciation Day, we take a minute out of our busy lives to thank each and every person who has chosen to join our journey. Without their contributions, their skills, and their personalities, we wouldn’t have much more than a URL.

It’s also an opportunity for us to recognize how their contributions can lead to long-term success not just for our company, but for our customers and, ultimately, our broader communities and beyond. Our culture is fundamentally tied to our employees, and through them we carry out our best work.

Each year, more and more companies are recognizing the importance of their people and their wellbeing in the workplace. This isn’t rocket science – study after study after study links engaged leadership and strong culture with decreased stress and a sense of personal fulfillment. Is it any wonder that employers are taking notice?

At Bitwise, this is who we are, and it’s who we’ll always be. Our tagline – We are Human Engineered – was written specifically to spotlight the empathy and detail our team brings to their work each and every day, and how that end result is transforming human lives. The work they do matters, it makes a difference, and because of them we’re always one step closer to carrying out our vision.

So thank you to our employees, on this day and every day, for putting your confidence in us. We’re incredibly appreciative.

Allison Powell is Director of Operations at Bitwise. As a working mother of three, Allison excels at translating a little bit – okay, a lot – of chaos into productive, efficient results. Motivated by small wins and a desire to guide employees toward optimal work-life integration, she keeps Bitwise pointed forward with a rewarding work environment from top to bottom. Allison is #abitwise about company culture.

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