Celebrating Our Workhuman® Distinction

Allison Powell

Bitwise Staff

May 16, 2022

Hey everybody, big news to share today! But first, I want to add a little context by taking us back to 2019, when we founded Bitwise on a simple premise: that we could deliver exceptional innovations through an unrelenting focus on our team’s growth and wellbeing. We knew that we could grow organically and deliver ever more impactful results if our core values centered on being as human a company as possible. That’s where we’d find great results.

Today, we’re taking another big step forward in that journey as we proudly share that Bitwise has earned the distinction of being a Workhuman Certified Enterprise! Through their social recognition platform, Workhuman is helping companies create workplaces where all humans feel valued and thrive. Their decision to certify us was not made superficially – all aspects of our workplace were reviewed, from our core values to our benefits program, culture, and employee wellbeing. By providing us with this distinction, Workhuman acknowledges the incredible work we’re doing to make our company as employee-focused as possible.

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I’d like to take a moment to recognize how integral our employees have been in helping us get to this point. Despite inevitable challenges, our team has consistently stayed true to who we are as a community, reflecting the most human aspects of our culture by celebrating each other’s accomplishments – by always learning and growing in their roles, by taking care of themselves and supporting their colleagues’ need for flexibility, and by taking time to connect and ensure everyone feels they belong at Bitwise. That basic humanness has always been part of our every day and it continues to be a large part of what makes Bitwise a special place to work.

But guess what? Our journey continues! We’ll continue to revise, refine, and other things that start with “re” so that we reach our vision of being a company that supports and protects our shared communities.

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Allison Powell is Director of Operations at Bitwise. As a working mother of three, Allison excels at translating a little bit – okay, a lot – of chaos into productive, efficient results. Motivated by small wins and a desire to guide employees toward optimal work-life integration, she keeps Bitwise pointed forward with a rewarding work environment from top to bottom. Allison is #abitwise about company culture.

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