Welcome to the New Bitwise!

Matt Powell

Bitwise Staff

April 4, 2022

Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to our all-new brand, complete with a new look, new website, new social accounts, new messaging, a snappier name, and even a new domain – bitwise.tech. Yep, that’s a lot of new, so you’d be right in assuming this is much more than a cosmetic refresh. Our launch today marks the culmination of a long and exciting journey to redefine our company in a way that rings true to our vision and values. It’s the beginning of an entirely new chapter in our company’s story, so I wanted to take a minute to celebrate this milestone with you.

I founded Bitwise Creative in 2019 on a simple premise – that we could deliver exceptional tech services like software, web apps, analytics, and much more, through unrelenting dedication to our team’s growth and wellbeing. Historically high demand for talented engineers in our market meant they could afford to be choosy about their employer, but I asked folks to join us for our purpose, our passion, and our people – not just our paychecks. This was a litmus test for the employees we hired, and it has yielded incredible results – three years later, we have an engaged and growing team who love what they do, why they do it, and who they do it with. I couldn’t be more proud of the work we have accomplished together so far.

And yet, my job is to always keep an eye on the future to be sure we’re best positioned to pursue our vision – to build a company capable of engaging and empowering our broader communities through human-centered technologies. And while we’re doing a tremendous amount of good through our government contracts – protecting freedoms, even –  it’s also true that our vision reaches far beyond the business of staffing contracts with excellent contributors. Our ambitions demand a brand capable of telling the story we want to tell while inspiring others to join us for the journey. We knew the time had come for us to update our messaging to meet these expectations.

Our Renewed Purpose

This new Bitwise is purpose-built around our passion for people and finding our greatest impact in human connection. Our best ideas are held collectively, not individually, and we find inspiration in the people we meet each day – whether a casual idea, an impassioned opinion, or just a conversation. These relationships and interactions motivate us to always bring our best selves to our work. Likewise, we know that when our team feels healthy, confident, and connected, exceptional results will naturally emerge. Our core values have been refined to highlight our emphasis on excellence, growth, and wellbeing.

Our Snappier Name and New Logo

Our original name, Bitwise Creative, was meant to invoke a spirit of unconventional thinking and craftsmanship, but it also unintentionally signaled that we were a… you know… creative agency. I love some good diversification, but that’s not our business, and the confusion wasn’t doing us any favors. We've always preferred to go by Bitwise anyway, and this branding makes it official. Bonus points for the shorter URL!

And of course, with a new name comes a brand new logo.

We had a lot of fun with this. It was important to us that our new logo felt uniquely ours, maybe even a little offbeat. After all, one of our value propositions is our confidence to pursue the unconventional. That confidence is felt here with the visual rhythm, as the core of our logo flows naturally from one letter to the next. Weaved throughout are unexpected bits like straight lines over the i’s and thinner than usual crossbars, in a nod to our dedication to craftsmanship and detail.

Leading off our logo is our monogram, which you’ll frequently see us use all on its own.

This monogram serves as a versatile standalone mark for our brand. Look closely and you may even be able to spot a lowercase ‘b’ in the negative space. We also incorporated the number ‘3’ here as a reminder to always keep in mind our top motivators that fuel our sense of purpose in our work. Be sure to keep an eye out for our ‘Gimme 3’ blog series where we interview employees, colleagues – really anyone who wants to share – about their top motivators. Spoiler: I went first.

We had some help

We worked with some tremendously talented professionals to develop this brand and bring it to life. Our brand strategy was developed by Andrea Littell, who demonstrated admirable patience while listening to us ramble on about our big ideas. Our brand strategy was brought to life with visuals by Focus Lab, who infused the most emotional part of this process with a good dose of fun. Our website was designed with thought and care by Joshua Krohn, and implemented to perfection by Grace Walker. We’d like to thank each of them for their exceptional services.

This is an energetic period for us as we work to align our new brand with the incredible work we’re doing each day for our customers and their missions. We hope you’ll keep in touch over the next several months – whether directly, through social media, or by simply reading our blog – as we begin putting this hard work to good use.

Thanks for being with us!

Matt Powell is the CEO and founder of Bitwise. With more than 15 years experience serving federal customers in technical and leadership roles, Matt knows a thing or two about how to maximize value on government contracts in a way that keeps everyone happy and engaged. He is passionate about using personal and professional wellness as conduits for our most impactful work. Matt is #abitwise about UI frameworks.

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